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Lucky Wheel is one of CTXM’s most popular slot game online malaysia. Instant Bodog casino, this slot game is also supported. The game can be easily downloaded from specialty games and can be enjoyed with a lot of fun in both the real money and practise mode. Internet slot Lucky Wheel symbolises roulette casino game features as well.

Lucky Wheel’s online slot game wagering mechanism in Bodog Casino is very distinct from roulette gaming. So players must understand this very well before the game begins. First of all, in any open betting field, players can place bets on 1, 2, 5 or 10 chips. In this case, the default chip value is $1.00, but it can be lowered or boosted by $0.35. The cumulative bet number of the players, equivalent to cumulative chips betting on all the options, is shown at the top of the right-hand corner.

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Lucky Wheel Online Slots game 

The key feature of the game is a big wheel with 32 locations and numbered from 1 to 32 as its name suggests. Lucky Wheel Online Slots game After completion of the wheel rotation, it stops from 1 to 32 in every series. Players are entitled to put bets on any number. The game will be won if the wheel continues at the chosen number after the end of its spin. In addition, other wagering opportunities for players are open. 

32wheel locations are split into four colour sectors as well. Numbers 1 to 10 on the wheel are covered by blue colour; green colour is used to cover numbers from 11 to 24, yellow colour is used to cover numbers from 25 to 29 and lastly, red colour is used to cover numbers from 30 to 32. In this case, player will get winning result, if wheel clapper after rotation rests inside the selected sector.

32 numbers are often subdivided into 5 intervals between 1 and 7, between 8 and 16, between 17 and 20, between 21 and 26, then between 27 and 32. Here, if a wheel clapper persists by pointing some number within a selected interval the player will win the bet. In addition, the Central Stationary wheel area has 4 additional wagering opportunities open to the teams. These options for betting are referred to as even bets, odd bets, higher bets and lower bets. As the name suggests, odd bets and even bets include all odd numbers alike. 

Higher bets and lower bets are the most important betting choices open to players in this slot game. The number at the middle of the wheel is shown first of all. Now, if the wheel clapper stops for any numbers that are fewer than the current number, the player wins the lesser bet. Likewise, if any number, larger than the number of wheels, is indicated, then a higher bet is won by the player.

Slot pay-outs

For Lucky Wheel players in the online slot game, pay-out-related knowledge is very vital. Players do not have a compensation table here. However, only payoff on the particular wager made is seen in the message box as the cursor is pushed over specific wager choices. 

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