How You Get Addicted To Gambling?

Addiction is a vast topic. It doesn’t just happen in gambling but almost everything. You can get addicted to anything, but with gambling it is different. Since there are no physical symptoms, you will be the only person who can tell whether a person is addicted or not. The brain works the same way as it works in a regular addiction, but the effects are different. There are a lot of things that come into play when addiction occurs and when the cycle is complete, it also can undo the damage. Even though addiction to gambling is not that dangerous than that of drugs, it is not good to have one. Gambling is fun as long as you keep it under control.

How does it work?

The brain has its systems in place that deal with the input differently. This is what makes us addicted or like something. These circuits are very important to the functions of the brain. One of the main things that come into play in our brain’s reward system. They are related to the motivation and pleasure. These come into play when you receive a compliment or get rewarded for completing a task and it is connected to the different sections of the brain. This is received by the main neurotransmitter called Dopamine. This is released every time that you are rewarded or win something which creates a feeling of satisfaction and euphoria. This is the same thing that happens in drugs. In gambling, the level is much higher than what you would receive in a regular reward since there is a huge amount of risk also.

Some are more prone:

There is a difference between players and some can be more prone to the system than the others. This due to various reasons that affect the overall system. There are mainly two reasons that you can attribute it to. The first one is because the individual is unable to receive the same level of satisfaction through natural ways which makes them more attracted to gambling as the level is much higher. The second being one of a genetic. The way the brain reacts to the input is dependent on a lot of factors that vary from person to person.



Gambling works differently on you. In the beginning, you are much excited than in the end. This is since the mind gets used to the stuff if you do it again and again. Your body develops tolerance, this may apply to drugs also but they are still attached to you, but if you are addicted to gambling, you will still not be a lot dependent on it. When you are excessively gambling, the brain will activate its defensive measures that render the reward system a little less effective. This leads to disinterest in the game unless there is an upgrade.


Gambling starts with curiosity and ends with love. However, it is the best way to do win some extra bucks, you must always keep it in limits. This way your personal life will not be affected.


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